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Hello hello ^^

You will find on this site the solutions to MOTAS brought to you by Finalgrunt !


I just want to make it clear that I am not the one who made the game,
I am just giving solutions for people who are stuck somewhere in the puzzle ^^
If you are having troubles displaying the pages just hit F5 or the refresh button from time to time because I add fixes or make things easier.
Also, I apologize for all the mistakes I could have done, english not being my primary language :/

Feel free to tell other people about this website. I won't put any add or popups, because this was not my purpose ^^

Few Hints:
-How to save the game:
it does it automatically. When you quit and start the game again, just hit the "Continue" button. It will bring you back at the beginning of the level you were at.


Send me a mail at finalgrunt@free.fr if you thought it was pretty good ^^ would make me happy haha